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I am Aida, a photographer based in London specializing in the bespoke photography of newborn, children and family. These days we all have great cameras and smartphones, and we can all take many good pictures every day. But taking great pictures requires much more than that. It requires talent, a good understanding of light and photography, good equipment and experience, sensitivity, a good eye and, above all, a good dose of patience. Only when you have all of these ingredients can you focus on the most important aspect for great photography of children: building a relationship with the child in order to capture their true personality.

A photography session at Aida Llanos Photography is not just a photo shoot. Our sessions are experiences where we create memories that will last for generations and where you receive a personal service from the moment you make your first enquire to the in-person delivery of your products at your home after your order. Our aim is to make every aspect of the session effortless and enjoyable for everyone and to produce pictures that tell stories, capture emotions and reflect the love in your family. After all we can only do it if we all enjoy the process!

Where will the session take place? All our bespoke sessions take place at your home or outside in your garden or a park in London an the photographer will travel there too. I love to use natural light because of its beautiful, soft quality, and how it changes over seasons. Having a photo shoot in your home gives everyone the opportunity to feel comfortable and it also allows me to capture your family at its best to create beautiful and natural images. In the case of babies, especially new born babies, we highly recommend you to have the session at home as it is a place that they know and where the temperature is right for them. 



Here is where the fun begins ! After your initial enquiry, you will meet with the photographer to design your bespoke session and discuss your requirements and availability as well as the perfect location and to learn more about your family and the little ones. Weekends and dates during the school holidays are most popular, so do get in touch early to avoid disappointment. Once your session date is secured, you will be emailed my detailed and complete photo shoot guide, which includes tips on what to wear and how to get the best out of the session. Approximately one week after the photo shoot we will meet again for your image reveal and ordering session. This is the moment when you will be able to order the beautiful products that most suit your needs and your family!


I like to start the sessions early – around 8am or 9am. The children are usually rested and happy after a good night’s sleep and the light is usually at its best in the early hours of the day irrespective of whether the session is at your house or at the park. We will also be able to choose the best locations at the park and avoid unwanted tourist or passers-by in the background. By starting our photo shoot early in the morning, we will have plenty of time to take pictures without feeling rushed. And we will be ready to have an amazing time together and make the most of it!



We will select only the best images from your photo shoot and we will edit them to enhance the light, colour and any other detail needed. What happens next? Your ordering appointment! Within a week we will meet again and you will be able to see your images fully edited and order any of the wonderful artwork that we offer. From handmade folio boxes to leather or linen albums, acrylic prints, gallery canvases, metal prints and framed images. These unique pieces will proudly be handed down generation to generation thanks to their Heirloom quality. You will only purchase what you love so there are no minimum spends. Our clients absolutely love our Heirloom quality products and usually invest between 600 and 2500 choosing the artwork that best suit their family, home and style.

 *This applies for sessions taking place in London. For bespoke sessions where the photographer has to travel outside of London or abroad, please feel free to email me for more information.

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